VCT Floor Stripping & Waxing

VCT Floor Waxing and StrippingBuildings with VCT flooring, or Vinyl Composition Tile, have varying maintenance schedules based on foot traffic and proximity to entryways.  It also depends on the feel you’re trying to project on your customers.  Keeping your floors well polished helps your business by reducing costs and presenting an inviting and clean atmosphere.

VCT Services

Floor stripping: We remove the top coating of wax and any other buildup.  Then, we strip the floors to remove grime and dirt and leave the floor bare.

Sealant: It’s then coated with a sealer followed by buffing.  This will extent the life of your VCT flooring as well as reduce scratches and marks.

Waxing: Our floor finish will give your floors a nice, protective glow and our wax will protect them and leave them looking like new again.