Toilet, Drain & Sewer Clearing/Cleaning

Drain Clearing and CleaningEMS can handle any kind of cleaning job and we have the proper tools and experience to ensure that the job is done safely and correctly.  We’re well-versed in how to diagnose and treat drain and sewer problems which will save you time and money.  Water and sewer lines can be blocked, damaged, or restricted.  Build ups of waste, paper, and other foreign objects can prohibit proper flow.  Additionally, over time, pipe corrosion and breaks can occur.

Examples of things we service:

Kitchen drain: Food scraps, grease, and more block the drain and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Bathroom and utility sink: A surprising number of various items often find their way into sinks, especially hair.

Sinks and Tub drains: A combination of soap scum, hair, and water deposits can quickly become a job for a professional.

Floor drain: Though convenient, these drains often fill will with dirt and debris and can lead to flooding if left untreated.

Toilet drain: While toilet paper is always part of it, many things end up down the toilet that shouldn’t.  This includes things like paper towel and facial wipes which can lead serious clogs.

Sewer line: When debris or tree roots infiltrate the sewer line, the backup can affect every drain in your home.