GFCI, Outlet, Switch, and Light Fixture Replacement

GFCI, Outlets, and Switches

A GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is an electrical component that’s both affordable and important.  It helps prevent burns, shocks, and electrocutions by detecting ground faults or other severe consequences by interrupting the electrical current’s flow.  You see these most often in rooms with water, i.e. bathrooms and kitchens.  We can replace any two prong outlets and increase your property’s safety.  It’s a good idea to upgrade to GFCI outlets.

Light Fixtures

We check the amps of the circuit as well as the new fixture’s wattage.  You will need to look into running additional wire from  your circuit breaker if the amperage isn’t high enough to cover the wattage of the new light.  Additionally, when looking to add ceiling lights and fans, it’s important to keep in mind the temperature allowance of your insulation.  This happens more with older properties but is still important to have in the back of your head before starting this sort of project.